Thursday, April 30, 2015

In other news...

Haven't had much time to work at the machine shop since my shoulder surgery and international travel for work, but have been slowly making progress on a new prototype.  This, however, is something I made at home without any machining:

It's a flame poofer of the usual type that you see at the burn, pretty easy to build, with a solenoid controlled valve.  But the difference is that I built this one with camping stove propane containers, the small 16 oz ones:
With a bit more plumbing, this could easily fit inside a backpack.  This would almost certainly be a violation of the fire art safety rules, though, a portable backpack-worn I definitely will NOT be running around deep playa with one of those.

I've also considered the thought of passing that flame through an acrylic tube, of the sort I was using for the slow-burn prototype, just to see what the effect was.  I may still give that a shot.