Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Every Day Is A Good Day When You Build Fire Art

To paraphrase Bob Ross.  Only semi-joking.  I started a new job at Kairos Aerospace, and I'm liking it a lot.  I have an hour here or there in the evenings, and I sit down and work on a little bit of the Ico.  And, if I do even that tiny bit of art, then I've done some art.

Today's contribution to art: demonstrating that I can hack out a very reductive REST server on an Arduino using an ENC28j60 ($7 from Amazon).  I wrote a dead simple REST server that just collects the URL from a PUT request.  So, I can, for instance, PUT to /foobar to send the command "foobar".

So, yes, I'm sitting here after work programming.  Is it art?  Not in and of itself.  But am I working on art?  Who knows.  It feels good.

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